Business benefits of the Digital Immunisations Service

22/10/2019 12:32

Over the last 2 years we have processed hundreds of thousands of eConsents for children's vaccinations. We have been exploring the value and benefits of RIVIAM's Digital Immunisations Service for our customers. We can see that the service:

  1. Reduces clinical triage time by approx. 90% resulting in a decrease in staff costs.
  2. Saves money on printing paper and mileage costs by approx. £35K.
  3. Improves data security and reduces the risks of missing consents.

Here we outline the 7 key features and their benefits.

1. Digital consent forms for parents to provide consent and answer questions.

  • Saves money on printing paper consent forms and transporting them to schools.
  • Saves time for a staff member to send and collect the paper consent forms.
  • Removes any consent issues as schools/parents provide the child’s information and consent directly.
  • Reduces the risk of lost or mislaid consents.

2. Parents receive a confirmation email with a unique reference number and service centre contact details.

  • Parents get an immediate confirmation and peace of mind that the consent has been received.
  • The email directs them to contact your service centre via your preferred method.

3. RIVIAM uses the data in the consent form to determine if the consent should be seen by a clinician, requires admin review or is issued to a “ready" workflow queue.

  • Clinicians only look at the consents that have been flagged as requiring review.
  • Customers tell us this can reduce the clinician triage time by over 90%.

4. RIVIAM looks up each child’s details against a list of known children in the area and then: checks that the NHS number and the demographic details match; where there is no NHS number, RIVIAM uses the demographics to identify the patient; RIVIAM marks the consent as needing review.

  • Saves the administration team from looking up every patient received. This saves whole months of time, removing the need for NHS SPINE or CHIS system lookups.
  • Ensures that the administration team only need to look at non-matched children.

5. An Immunisation Dashboard shows each immunisation programme across years. RIVIAM provides the ability to look at consents received by school allowing schools to be chased for returns or to ensure school clinics are ready. RIVIAM provides a way of downloading school child lists.

  • Teams don’t need to maintain spreadsheets of schools as RIVIAM manages the school lists in real-time. This saves time and provides a quick way for administrators to review school lists.

6. RIVIAM provides a way for schools to upload school lists and documents securely.

  • Removes the delay in waiting for staff to go to a school and collect class lists. Schools see this as a big improvement and way of securely sending information to the service.

7. A spreadsheet can be downloaded for each school clinic that has the full list of children with consents and no-consents including any triage information. Nurses update the outcome of the vaccination in the clinic on the spreadsheet and administrators upload the spreadsheet into RIVIAM.

  • Each nurse is provided with a spreadsheet with all the information required, saving the need to maintain paper/spreadsheet records for a clinic.
  • When the spreadsheets are returned and uploaded into RIVIAM, the outcome is recorded and the child is marked as vaccinated in the clinical system.

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